10 Things You Can Do Instead of Crowding the Beaches

10 Things You Can Do Instead of Crowding the Beaches

Temperatures are rising and lockdown is still in effect, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun from home. Why join the masses flocking to the beaches when there are ten fulfilling and interesting activities waiting for you to do? Besides, it’s better safe than sorry and all these ten activities are guaranteed to keep you home, keep you safe, and keep you healthy.

10. You know that show everyone talks about that you’ve never seen? Maybe you missed out on the epic saga of Game of Thrones, or maybe you haven’t indulged yourself in the dramatics of Riverdale. Now is the ideal time for you to play some much needed catch-up on some pop culture. Grab a fan, grab some snacks, and binge away!

9. Are you one of the thousands of people that have thought to yourself, “I want to write a book.”? Well, if there’s one thing that will turn the hours you spend in lockdown into mere minutes, it’s starting your first novel! Crack those knuckles and get writing.

8. Remember when you were eight years old and loved to gather every blanket and pillow in the house and hoard them in the living room for a fort? Why not take a dip into nostalgia’s past and take up fort building again? Imagine how much better constructed they would be, you could build an entire sheet castle!

7. With the stay at home order in effect, that means no one is around to judge you anymore. Grab that carton of ice cream in your freezer and your largest spoon. See how fast you can eat an entire tub of ice cream! Beat the heat and your cravings in one swing.

6. Find a shady spot in your front or back yard, grab all your favorite foods and a blanket, and lounge outside while you relax and snack. Picnics are underrated! Let’s bring them back this quarantine.

5. If you have a printer at home, then you have the worlds most diverse coloring book. There’s an unimaginable amount of coloring pages available for you to paste onto a word document and print out. Grab those crayons you haven’t touched since high school, wipe the dust off, and get coloring!

4. Now is as good a time as any to pick up a new random skill. Why not try learning how to code? There’s HTML, Python, CC, all kinds of computer languages just waiting for you to create something new with them. Yes, you might just create a basic game of rock, paper, scissors, but how cool would it be to say that you coded that?

3. With all the extra time on our hands we’ve all been on our cell phones. There’s an app for our contacts in there and it’s likely that your grandparent’s phone number is sitting somewhere on that list. Why not give them a call? They probably miss you.

2. TikTok is huge right now, there’s no doubt everyone has seen at least one of their viral dances. If you’re looking for a good way to spend a few hours having fun and being active, then you have to take the time to learn one of the dances. They’re actually really fun!

1. Donate masks to hospitals in need! Blue Beat Digital is working towards their goal to donate 1 MILLION masks to health care workers in need. Take the time and make a difference!