4 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Home

4 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Home

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that celebrates the historical date of May 5th, 1862 when the Mexican army won the pivotal victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. The common misconception that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day may have come about due to the holidays much more prevalent nature in the United States over Mexico. In the US, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration and commemoration of Mexican heritage and culture. It is important to respect and understand the true origin of the holiday as we join in on the celebrations.

Although we are still under lockdown this Cinco de Mayo and should be wearing appropriate protective equipment, if you find yourself itching to celebrate, here are four ways that you can do so from the safety of your home!

4. Make your own piñata. If you were expecting this list to be filled with specialty drink recipes for you to make at home and drink the day away, then think again. Making your own piñata is a much better use of your time! Grab all the empty cereal boxes you’ve been emptying this quarantine, some scissors, glue, a stapler, and some colorful paper or markers and get started. Use the Rice a Roni boxes too if you need to, just make it your own! If you don’t have any candy, then fill it with whatever you have around the house you think will be fun to watch explode out of your home-made piñata.

3. Build your ultimate Cinco de Mayo playlist for the next years to come. Now this is one activity that might benefit from the cracking open of a cold one. If you want to build the perfect playlist, then what better time than a pandemic? This is a serious task that could take you a few hours just to start getting the taste right and you’re going to be inside the house all day anyways, so may as well take the time for it now. You will reap the benefits for years to come, it won’t be long until you become known for your sick Cinco de Mayo playlist you curated.

2. Make a Corona-Rita. Here it is: a whole activity dedicated to drinking and the art of drink making. Now, the name of this drink can be a little suspicious considering the times, but I promise you Corona beer is not where COVID-19 came from. That disclaimer aside, Corona-Rita’s are game changers for those who don’t necessarily love the taste of beer. Just give it a try, trust.

1. Connect with your friends and family. It’s 2020, there’s a dime a dozen video chat apps and websites. Get all your loved ones connected and have a Cinco de Mayo celebration via Zoom or Facetime. It’s imperative now more than ever that we stay connected, use this Cinco de Mayo to get together in celebration of something positive.

No matter what you chose to do this Cinco de Mayo; stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.