two images of mothers and their child

6 Things Your Mom Did That You Forgot to Thank Her For

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly; meaning it’s that time of year when we all look back at everything our Mothers have done for us. Whether you live with your mom and will get to see her this Sunday, or you’re social distancing and will only be able to have a video or phone call with her; here are six things to keep in mind to thank your mom for.

6. We’ve all been stuck in a seemingly endless and one-sided conversation with a child about a topic we have zero interest in. Well, for Mothers, it’s an everyday experience. You came home more than once very excited to tell your Mom about what happened during Social Studies, but your small vocabulary and short attention span dragged the story out from a thirty second retelling to a whole fifteen-minute production. All Moms deserve a big thank you for their patience.

5. Being an adult, you start to realize how many extra responsibilities are piled onto your plate. When was the last time you were a few days late on a payment? Misplaced your keys? Credit card? The point is, at some point we all have so many things going on it feels impossible to remember all of it. Take a minute to thank your mom for never forgetting you at school… Even if she did that one time, still thank her for eventually remembering you.

4. Remember when you first experienced losing a tooth? The day it went from a wiggle to a pop and suddenly your tooth was hanging halfway out of your gums and you tasted blood? Remember how much you panicked and cried? Yeah, maybe it’s time to thank your mom for always putting up with your childhood dramatics.

3. All those diapers. Seriously, have you ever stopped to think of just how many of your dirty diapers your mom changed? Moms deserve a special thank you just for that.

2. Growing up, we all go through very different music tastes and phases. Personally, I went through a very intense Punk then Country phase, in that order. Maybe you had a stash of CDs in the side door of your mom’s car, or maybe sometimes you took control of the AUX cord and highjacked her entire stereo system. Either way, moms are subjected to their children’s ever-changing music tastes for the better part of their whole life. From those Baby Shark predecessors to your Disney obsessions to your angsty teenage music, thank your mom for sticking through it all and putting up with all your weird music.

1. Not every mom is the same. Nothing is more special than simply thanking your mom for being her, not just your mother, but herself. This Mother’s Day be sure to thank your mom for doing it all, whether you’ll be able to see her or not.