Coming Together in a Pandemic: How Local Small Businesses are Helping Each Other

Within a month, life as we all knew it changed drastically. A statewide stay at home order quickly developed into a nation-wide stay at home order. Non-essential businesses shut down and all restaurants and eateries closed their doors, only able to offer pick up or drive-thru orders. Soon after state parks, beaches, and trails closed to the public as well. 26 million Americans lost their jobs, over 100 thousand have died, and not one of us went unaffected. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has majorly affected everyone’s life, leaving us all spiraling in its aftermath.

One of the hardest hit demographics in this calamity has been small businesses. Most small businesses were forced to close, cutting off their income and subsequently causing them to let go of their employees. Even those deemed essential and allowed to remain open struggled with the lack of customers and eventually closed and sent their employees home to file for unemployment as well. Government aid ran out quickly, leaving most small businesses with nothing and nowhere to go… well, almost nowhere to go.

There is still hope to be found in each other during this difficult time. Small businesses are there for each other to help support one another and, in tandem, stay standing. Blue Beat Digital, a local start-up based in Tustin, has collaborated with a local food truck business Lopez Express Catering. The food truck comes every weekday for lunch and BBD employees flock to get their orders in. While the hungry employees help support the food truck, the owners of Lopez Express Catering help to support BBD as a company by advertising their PPE equipment on the front of their truck.

Working together, small businesses can help keep each other stay in business and serve as additional support during these uncertain times. Much like BBD and the food truck help each other maintain incoming paying customers, other small businesses can have similar positive impacts on each other. The one way we can ensure we get through this pandemic is by working together and keeping each other accountable. Whether that means encouraging everyone to wear a mask and stop the spread, or offering mutual promotion and support of businesses.

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