Join Facebook Groups, Earn Commission

How to Earn Cash by Posting in Facebook Groups

Affiliate marketing is simple:

  1. You sign up. 
  2. You get a link. 
  3. You share the link.
  4. When people use the link, you get paid.

But the question is, where do you share it?

How do you find places where people will use it?

How do you post on groups or forums without getting harassed or banned?


Look at the post above. It’s a classic post: A housewife goes to Target, but she misses out on the chance to get hand sanitizer, practically liquid gold while Coronavirus runs rampant worldwide.

She is actively asking for someone to help her find a product she desperately needs.

So, how does one find such a post? Join the local groups in your city. 

Nothing complicated. For example: I am in Orange County, CA, and I live in the city of Irvine. This group is called Irvine Residents Connect. I am willing to bet you have loads of these in your own community, with many residents who are requesting PPE products daily.

This is where you step in.

As a humble affiliate in the right place at the right time, you will be ready to offer much sought after advice.

Write a short reply like the image below.

Now, granted, not everyone can post this exact message, but you can amend the information based on the group’s location and tailor your message around the audience. 

Then, tell people that they can find whatever they are looking for on our website and paste your link. 

If you think it will boost your chance of earning sales, then you can remind them that your link will allow them to take 5% off their purchase. 

You are not spamming. You are not creating a commercial post. You are simply answering the call of someone who needs hand sanitizer.

Instead of harassed off the group, you will be thanked! 

And best of all: you will make bank!

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