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How to Earn Sales Commission Now with Blue Beat Digital

Blue Beat Digital recently launched an Affiliate Program for individuals to earn 5% commission on successful sales from the company’s online store. 

In the Age of Quarantine, everyone is struggling to figure out how to earn a little extra cash from the relative safety of home. According to the New York Times, approximately 30 million Americans have been laid off work, so many now need to find temporary streams of income. The web offers a bounty of opportunities, but for many, web-based jobs require advanced skill sets that individuals may not have the tools or time to acquire. 

With Blue Beat Digital’s Affiliate Program, individuals do not need a wealth of expertise to earn a sales commission. Prospective members need only register with their name and email on the Affiliate Program page, and Blue Beat Digital will send a special sales link that allows recipients to take off a 5% discount. Every time a recipient purchases from the website using their link, the affiliate will earn 5% from the purchase. 

So how does one maximize commission profits as an affiliate? 

  1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

If you have a sizable social media presence, sharing the link through your personal profile or your private groups can exponentially increase your chances of making a quick sale. Make your post public so that more potential customers can encounter your link, and remember, the more people that share/retweet/reblog your post, the more people you can entice to purchase.

  1. Purchases are also Donations

Everyone likes contributing to a good cause. Luckily, because Blue Beat Digital is also donating 2.5% of its total profits to local hospitals and medical facilities, you can communicate to customers that their purchase will help get personal protective equipment straight into the hands of essential healthcare workers. 

  1. 5% Discount on Low Prices

Blue Beat Digital prices are already quite competitive, and with that 5% discount off their total purchase, customers will be getting an even better deal on essential supplies. Right now, the 50 pack supply of 3-Ply face masks is priced at $29, an attractive selling point for anyone having problems finding FDA-approved face masks.

  1. Same-Day Shipping

With the stay-at-home order disrupting all mailing and shipping, expedited shipping is a luxury that few can enjoy. However, Blue Beat Digital ships order same-day, cutting down the wait time on packages by a significant margin. Rather than rely on Amazon, a customer might find it more convenient and preferable to order from a smaller company that’s unburdened by a flood of e-commerce traffic. 

At the end of the day, Blue Beat Digital’s Affiliate Program is a lucrative opportunity for anyone wanting to make extra cash without committing too much time and energy. Affiliates need only share a link to earn commission, so register today.