two men posing next to ppe supplies donated

Local Tustin Business is Doing Their Part During the Pandemic… and So Can You!

As of May 14th, Blue Beat Digital, a Tustin-based mobile phone company, has donated 41,000 masks to hospitals in need. This amount is only a mere fraction of their goal, however, as they strive to donate one million masks to healthcare workers in need. The company has made donations to local hospitals such as Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach and Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach. While the remaining 959,000 masks to donate may seem like an impossible feat, Blue Beat Digital has multiple tactics to making their goal a reality.

Besides their own donations as a company to local and surrounding hospitals, Blue Beat Digital is also donating 2.5% of all their sales to hospitals and healthcare workers. Every purchase made, whether someone orders PPE or a new cell phone from the company, they are helping to make a difference. The other way in which Blue Beat Digital is striving to reach their goal is a donation program they set up that is open to individuals and companies. Their individual donation packages start at $50 to donate 35 PPE items and go up to $850 to donate 635 PPE items while their corporate donations start at $1,000 to donate 750 PPE items and go up to $100,000 to donate 75,000 PPE items. The PPE items included are masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, no contact thermometers, and more.

The process to donate with Blue Beat Digital is super easy and quick as well. You choose the donation package you’d like to purchase, then you choose a recipient from their list of official recipients, and from there BBD takes care of all the shipping and delivery! If there’s a particular hospital you want to donate that’s not on their list, then they can easily be signed up as a recipient on BBD’s webpage. If you’d prefer to deliver the equipment personally to your chosen hospital, then BBD will deliver the equipment to a destination you provide.

A company in Oklahoma called Boom Mobile donated 25,000 PPE items to local businesses in need. The CEO opted to deliver the PPE himself and spread the charity all around the city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma to businesses that needed it the most.

Every donation no matter how big or small, makes a difference and helps Blue Beat Digital reach their goal of donating one million masks. In these unprecedented times we are living through, it is refreshing to see so many people and companies coming together to make a positive impact on the world. Everyone can make a difference, even you.