group of doctors and nurses sitting at a table in discussion, national student nurse day: supporting our future heroes

National Student Nurse Day: Supporting Our Future Heroes

In the wake of COVID-19, the daily trials and tribulations of nurses have been heartbreakingly highlighted on all forms of social media and news outlets. Now more than ever, it is clear how integral nurses are to our society. They have been on the frontlines of the battle against the virus with devastating effects on their physical and mental health. Still, there are countless student nurses working tirelessly in their journey to becoming an RN. These students see the chaos and still willingly dive in to uphold the core values of nursing: caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence. To celebrate these driven individuals, National Student Nurse day is observed on May 8th, in the middle of National Nurses Week.

The educational process towards becoming an RN is intense and often draining. Between constant labs and papers the student nurses are also required to attend clinical rotations through multiple units in hospitals. Being a student nurse is a 24/7 commitment of time and mental fortitude.

A recent grad of the Saddleback Nursing Program, Suki G. RN, spoke of her time as a student nurse saying, “Being a nursing student was challenging mentally, emotionally, and physically.” She reflected on the amount of work her and her peers tackled in their program, “There were endless amounts of homework, assignments, and care plans.” The core values of nurses run deep, though, as Suki went on to explain, “At the same time it was fulfilling and rewarding. It is an amazing feeling to make a difference in someone’s life through care and compassion.”

It takes a special kind of person to take on the work and responsibility of becoming a nurse. They must be resilient, fearless, and quick to action. It is these reasons why days like National Student Nurse Day were established, to remind us to extend our encouragement and support to them in their journey. There isn’t one life that is not touched by a nurse, often times it is the nurses that tend directly to the patients rather than the Doctors themselves. No matter what stresses they face in their daily life, they come to work prepared to offer care and compassion to every patient that walks through their doors.

Student Nurses need all the encouragement and support they can get. It is important to be lifting them up especially in times like we are in now, a time when most people are terrified to even approach a hospital or doctors office. To all the student nurses: Thank you for your commitment and hard work.