Press Release: Blue Beat Sales Races to Give Away 1 MILLION PPE Masks In New Sales Initiative

TUSTIN, CA – June 16, 2020 – Blue Beat Sales, a division of Blue Beat Digital announces its new initiative to give away 1 Million masks upon each sale of PPE on its website. 2.5% of every sale will be kept aside for donations to facilities in need. Blue Beat Digital, an innovative company born in South Africa is a leading distributor of branded mobile phones and accessories that are bundled with SIM cards to offer premier service at partner pricing. Blue Beat Digital has been growing in the US in other lines of business like Bluetooth headphones and small appliances.“We are proud of our program which will help with summer approaching and crowds rushing to the outdoors. Our top quality masks and other PPE including hand sanitizers, face shields, and gloves are inspected in the US and ready to ship,” said Jonathan Berger, CEO Blue Beat Digital. “Our campaign to give away 1 million masks was inspired by our desire to ensure safety amongst all Americans while continuing to be a driving force in the mobile arena,” continued Berger.

As this pandemic has no end-date or preventative options we are harnessing our ability to fulfill our goal of saving lives,” commented Edith Liao, Head of Marketing for Blue Beat Digital. “Our core business is technology but when the novel Coronavirus struck – so did we – by finding another solution to help connect America and their communities with the PPE they need,” concluded Liao.

Mobile phones and accessories were the segue necessary to break into US retail. Our mission has exploded in the mobile and consumer electronic markets as Blue Beat Digital continues to develop new sales strategies for items like Bluetooth headphones and small appliances. Blue Beat had a projected growth of 100% pre-Covid so now, like many small businesses they are riding with the times. While Blue Beat Digitals technological products advance and are available,PPE is what is necessary in the community now so we all can survive and return to growing small businesses and remaining healthy.

Read more about the Million Mask Challenge here

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