Teacher Appreciation Week, A Reflection on Quarantine and the Importance of Our Educators

Teacher Appreciation Week: A Reflection on Quarantine and the Importance of our Educators

As we are winding down into the last weeks that would be concluding a normal school year, many parents are sitting at home with their children and working out their daily homework load alongside them. In the face of a statewide lock down, our appreciation for teachers has skyrocketed as we are starting to figure out just how difficult their job can be. Although the memes about parent’s frustrations in dealing with their children while stuck at home with them 24/7 may lead to a good laugh, they also highlight an often unspoken and overlooked truth: Teachers are vital and deserve all the appreciation we can give them.

Parents who find themselves struggling at home to get their children to keep up with schoolwork are humbled by the idea of having thirty kids to go through the same process with. The irony that now, a time when teachers are not teaching in their classrooms, is when we are most appreciative of them does not escape us. As the old allegory goes, you never know how much you truly need something until you lose it.

However, we have not “lost” teachers, though it may feel like it in these times. If anything, we have found a renewed appreciation for them. We see them much more clearly now. The work being sent home while in quarantine pales in comparison to the typical educational process that happens inside classrooms. Now imagine taking on all that extra course work on top of adding 29 or so students to the roster. It’s impossible not to wonder “How do they do it?”.

For now, it doesn’t matter how they do it, though; it’s the fact that they do it in the first place. Every weekday for nearly nine months out of the year, teachers take on the responsibility of educating our future generations. It is not a job for the weak of heart, which is why it is so important for us to show our understanding and appreciation for them.

The difficulties we face now are opening our eyes to just how much we take for granted in life. This Teacher’s Appreciation Week we should all pause to reflect on just how much our teachers and educators do for not only us, but more importantly our children. They are invaluable, and even though it may have taken a pandemic for some to fully realize this fact, it does not change its truth. We need teachers.

Make sure you reach out to your child’s teacher or maybe even a past teacher of your own and let them know how much you appreciate them before the week ends.