Graphic of pizza slices, top 10 types of pizza parties

Top 10 Types of Pizza Parties

The third Friday in May every year we observe the coveted National Pizza Party Day. It is a day dedicated to all Pizza Parties, from the justified to those that are completely random and hardly even considered a party. The best way to celebrate National Pizza Party Day is to have a pizza party! I know, it seems obvious, but sometimes you must state the obvious; especially when it comes to serious topics like pizza parties.

There’s plenty of reasons for a pizza party, you just have to come up with one. Maybe you want to celebrate the fact that it’s already the third Friday in May even though May just started like two days ago. Maybe it’s your dog’s half birthday today. Maybe you just want a pizza party because you woke up and the sun rose above the horizon! There’s no end to the amount of reasons you can come up with for a pizza party, even during a statewide lockdown.

In the spirit of National Pizza Party Day, we collected a list of the top ten kinds of pizza parties!

10. Child’s Birthday Pizza Party- We’ve all been there. Whether you celebrated at Shakey’s, John’s Incredible Pizza Co., or even the old school Pizza Hut’s with the built-in arcade. These pizza parties can be fun, especially when you’re a kid. But the older you get the more of a hassle they can prove to be.

9. Make Your Own Pizza Party- These are actually pretty fun! You get together with a bunch of friends, family, and a platter of different toppings and just go crazy making your own creations. Maybe your eccentric friend likes sardines and grosses everyone out, you never know what’s going to happen at a make your own pizza party.

8. Sporting Event Pizza Party- You know what makes watching the world series that much better? Loads of pizzas! Pizza makes everything better, naturally; but there’s something special about a group of fans with their eyes glued to the screen and a slice of pizza hanging from their mouths.

7. Game Night Pizza Party- It’s 1 am, you and your friends are on your fifth round of Cards Against Humanity, you’ve powered through ten boxes of pizza and still have one more to go, two friends stormed out earlier after that really bad round of UNO, the night is still young.

6. DIY Pizza Party- Do it yourself, as in alone. Trust me, this one is much more fulfilling than it sounds.

5. Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza Party- Yes, this might be a little too similar to #10, however, Chuck-E-Cheese is so iconic that they deserve their own spot on this list. There’s something about that pizza loving mouse that gives you a special sense of nostalgia. It’s truly unmatched.

4. Workplace Pizza Party- There’s something that just feels right taking a break from your long monotonous workday to get together in the back corner with your favorite coworkers and enjoy some pizza that your company paid for.

3. Late Night Study Session Pizza Party- Have you ever been the person that waltzes proudly into the study forum with three pizza boxes, some breadsticks, and a bag of ranch sides? That all-eyes-on-you feeling you get from jealous onlookers as you save your tired and fizzling out study mates with some cheesy goodness just feels good.

2. Just Moved Houses Pizza Party- There’s nothing more special than the quiet hours after you and some of the closest people in your life get to relax after moving boxes and furniture all day long. Your bodies are sore, the cool air coming in from all the open windows feels great, and there’s absolutely no tables or chairs set up for you to sit on. You end the night sharing pizza from your new local spot down the street while sitting on the floor of your new home and everything is perfect.

1. Elementary Class Pizza Party- You know we had to save the OG pizza party for number one. There is absolutely no pizza party out there that can surpass the feeling you got in second grade when you and all your classmates got to line up and choose your own slice of pizza and drink. It was one of the first times you realized that a normal day could feel special in its own way.