Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Ways to Improve Your Mental Health During Quarantine

As the weeks continue to go by with the lockdown order in effect, it’s becoming increasingly important to take care of our mental health. Staying home every day, being restricted from usual routines, going weeks without seeing friends or family; all these things are a recipe for a negative mind space. Now is a crucial time to be taking extra special care of yourself both physically and mentally. Here are a few ways to help you improve your mental health:

Music can be magic. With people unable to work or working from home, many of us no longer spend our morning and late afternoon commutes listening to the radio anymore. Whether you normally plugged in your cell phone or listened to the local channels during your drive, there’s something therapeutic about music that’s important we keep in our daily lives. Make sure you have all the listening devices you need to unwind. If you don’t already have Spotify, Apple Music, or any of the other various streaming apps, now is the perfect time to start building your dream playlist.

Game nights are still an option. With platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and apps like House Party, hosting a virtual game night is easier than ever. Print out Yahtzee score cards from home and use a dice rolling app instead of a physical board for an intense virtual game of dice-rolling-chance. If you don’t feel like DIYing, then there are plenty of downloads available online designed to emulate your favorite games like Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Trivial Pursuit, and many more.

Explore your neighborhood and breathe some fresh air. The stay at home order doesn’t mean that you can’t leave your house at all. Going for a walk is often encouraged by officials even. If you have a fluffy one at home, bring them along and treat them for an extra long walk. It’s good to get outside and soak up that Vitamin D and breathe in fresh air that hasn’t been sitting stale inside your house all day. Daily walks will give your mental health an extra boost you might not expect.

Why not try meditating? It’s true, to some meditation can seem a bit cliché; however, the benefits of regular sessions are unparalleled. Taking ten to fifteen minutes out of your day to sit down, clear your mind, and just focus on deep breathing can be one of your favorite new ways to relax. It can feel a little odd to begin with, but the more you do it the more you start to relax and let tensions go easier.

Clean your room. Seriously. This one might seem like that last thing you want to do while stuck in quarantine and in a negative mind set. However, having a clean and organized environment around you can do wonders for your mental health. Plus, it’s better to keep up with your cleaning now rather than when you won’t have all the extra time on your hands to pick up all those quarantine snack wrappers you’ve been hoarding.

Lastly, check in on your family and friends. Give them a call, text, or even a quick video chat. The best way to improve your mental health is to just be open with your loved ones. Talk to them about your worries and ask them about theirs. We are all going to get through this eventually, but doing it together is much easier.